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Put God First.

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Our Educational Philosophy..

Mother Goose Playskool believes:

  • Childhood is important in all aspects of growth and should be capitalized on, not hurried through or minimized. It is not mere preparation for later school or life but a vital part of life itself to be lived richly each day.

  • Learning is more effective if it grows out of the interest of the learner in an open, supportive, non-threatening environment.

  • Learning is to be thought of in terms of activity and meaningful experience (real or imaginative) rather than of knowledge to be acquired and facts to be memorized and stored.

  • Children need concrete materials and meaningful first-hand experiences which are fundamental to later symbolic learning.

  • Exploration and experimentation are basic to creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Play is vital to children’s learning, and therefore vital in school.

  • Children need teachers who are not only well qualified but also warmly human, and see themselves as ‘guides’ to learning.

  • Children need to be prepared for the demands of the 21st Century and develop a Love for God and service to others.